Differences between 80 lb and 100 lb paper

When you are setting your printing project, one of the items you should decide which is the best option is the weight of paper. Let's talk about it.

Text and Cover Weight Paper

When we talk about Weight Paper we need to understand the difference between TEXT weight paper and COVER weight paper. Let's begin with Text. It is like the standard copy paper but a little bit stronger and thicker, so you can use it for brochures, flyers or as book pages. Now we can take a look to the differences between 80 lb and 100 lb on text. On a first shot you can say that two options are quite similar, but they have their issues. Of course 100 lb is slighter heavier and thicker, ideal to use in booklets and flyers that you want to make an endurance feeling. When you want a delicate piece or a thin book, go for 80 lb paper.

Now it's time to COVER Weight Paper. Usually called cardstock, it feelds like a card and you can use it as cover of books or magazines, postcards and business cards. But, if you want give a strong sensation in your business card let's do it with a thicker paper than 100 lb. And of course if you have chosen 100 lb for pages on your magazine, you won't choose 80 lb for cover.

Cost of 80 lb and 100 lb

Best of all, there are no big difference between both prices. So you can decide what to choose only thinking in the purpose of your project.

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