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Parts to Mount on a Retractable Banner Display

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Mounting the Retractable Banner.

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Retractable banners are units that look simple, but it is important to understand which parts make the stand and how they work.

A good understanding will be useful to maintain your unit and in the event you wish to replace your image, you'll know how to do it.

Retractable Banners and Roll-up Banners

mounting a retractable banner requires a pole to be inserted into the bottom part of the retractable banner

How to adjust the height of the pole:

The stand consists of three parts.

One part that stays sitting on the floor (seen above). A lock is required to replace the image. That lock is usually located at the bottom part of the unit.

Another part is the clamp image holder top frame.
An image can be seen below.

Third part is the pole. The pole keeps the image holder in place, preventing the unit from retracting.

Important Notice: The stand without the pole is not self supporting! If not pole assembled, the unit will retract.

detail of the base of the stand. Notice that there is a lock that is needed to replace the image.

Detail of the top unit of a retractable banner that holds the image in place

Find a detail of how the top clamp bar works.

This Trade Show Banner was made for Husque, Australia that attended a trade show in USA

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Once put together, this is how a retractable banner looks like when mounted and expanded

retractable banner ordered by a company from the Czech Republic, one of a pair of units ordered. See a detail showing small fonts printed in the banner

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