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Direct Mailing is cheaper than ever before. This is the Best Shop to Order and Make copies from colorcopiesusa.com

The Direct Mailing Program gets more clients to your business

Direct Mailing is cheaper than ever before.
The U.S. Postal Service™ launched its "Every Door Direct Mail® Retail" Service

Is this the right program for your business?

  • If you want to promote your business locally, distributing a mailing piece to every destination, Every Door Direct Mail® Retail is for you.

  • What type of mailing piece do you need to use in this program?
    Your pieces should be qualified as "flats" under the regulations of the United States Postal Service, meet certain criteria and have certain information imprinted. Don't worry: We'll help you put your piece together! ColorCopiesUSA is a certified vendor for the Every Door Direct Mail Program

  • Choose your mailing-piece size. The value of postage is the same... regardles. A big plus for this program!
    Some of the available sizes are:

  • What does ColorCopiesUSA.com do for me?: We print and design (if needed) your piece.

  • What type of work should I (the client) do under this program?:
    1 - You will need to log to the post office's website and select the distribution area (images and links are shown below)
    2 - Prepare bundles of 100 postcards and attach a face label to each bundle.
    3 - Go to the address that USPS indicates, pay for your postage and drop the mail.

  • "I don't have time to prepare the bundles or go to my local post office":
    ColorCopiesUSA.com can help you prepare the bundles. If you don't even want to touch the mailing pieces, we can get the whole job done for you. Postage rates might go up to over 20 cents per piece.

  • Who will receive your mailing piece?
    The program allows you to choose the carrier routes where you specifically want to distribute. The website for the program provides clear data and maps that makes it easy to know exactly where you piece goes. Within each area, every door gets a piece.

  • Cost of postage for the program:
    1 - Every Door Direct Mail Retail has a cost of $0.16 per piece. There is a limit of 5,000 mailed pieces per day.
    2 - Every Door Direct Mail Business: If you need to mail larger quantities, we can prepare your mail under the Every Door Direct Mail Business Program where you can order the mailing campaign and we take care of the rest of the process.
    We can complete the project without you needing to touch the mail.

  • Screen shots of the website where you start the process: These shots belong to the Every Door Direct Mail ® Retail website

    Click Here to go to the page where you will choose your distribution area

choose the distribution area for your Every Door Direct Mail Retail Project

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