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Index of topics included in this series of articles:

How much room do you need for your exhibit?

The research has shown that 57% of visitors attending trade shows expect to find the following:

  • New products.
  • New concepts and creative thinking.
  • Data and technical information supporting those described above.

It is obvious that in order to be succesful as an exhibitor, you will need to offer new products, and show ways to take advantage of those products or services.

Each company have its own requirements when dealing with these topics, but these are the ones that will dictate the space necessary for the exhibit.

There are industry-formulas that based on the requirements suggest a certain space required for the exhibit. Some of the facts to consider are: the number of visitors to the show, the space required for product display, the space required for demonstrations, the need of open space for circulation within the booth.


What type of booth decoration should you choose?

During a trade show you expect the visitors to be attracted to your booth. The design and decoration must support the expected result: The customer/visitor must feel engaged with your stand.

A visitor looking at your booth during 3 seconds from the aisle should be able to capture the message that the exhibitor is promoting. It should be powerful enough to pull the visitor in.

The graphics selected as well as the signs used are strong instruments to convey a message to the public.

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Tip: At a trade show you must please the prospects/cutomers. Make the visitors feel comfortable in all respects while visiting your booth.


Preferred Colors to Use at the Booth

Different colors are related to different moods. Some are "cold" and some are "warm". Some colors are better to display large items while others are ideal for small items.

People have shown to preferr the following colors

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Green
  4. Violet
  5. Orange
  6. Yellow

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Effective Color Contrast

Making effective color choices that work for nearly everyone.

Partial sight, aging and color deficits produce changes in perception that reduce the visual effectiveness of certain color combinattions.

It is the contrast between colors against each other that makes them more or less discernible.

some colors have better contrst and work better


The Color Wheel is a color circle based on red, yellow and blue; the primary colors. It is traditional in the field of art. The first circular diagram of colors was developed by Isaac newton in 1666.

The circle presents an logically arranged sequence of pure hues and colors and its variations.

Tip: On the Color Wheel, opposite or complementary colors (as they are known),
have the best contrast

color wheel

We will apply the opposite colors (points 0 and 3) to the example where there was poor contrast and we will see how much better opposites work.

opposite colors in the color circle create very good contrast

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