Policies and Terms

Terms and conditions.

ColorCopiesUSA.com and our organization as a whole (Mark V Printing LLC) operates with the premise of providing quality and affordable customer service, products and services to its clients.

The policies and terms cover the use of the ColorCopiesUSA.com and Colorprinting.ColorcopiesUSA.com websites and all the business relationship thereafter regardless of how the communications occur ("Our Website" or "Our Company"). Our clients, buyers and placing orders are identified as “Our Client” By accessing any page of our website you understand and agree to be bound by the policies and terms. Any orders placed by other methods such as phone, email or snail mail are subject to this policies and terms as well.

Copyright Policy:

We respect the intellectual property of others. By using our website you are indicating that you have full rights to use the copy, design and images in your piece without infringing intellectual property rights of third parties.

In other words, you are not infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties. You acknowledge that the materials does not have to have a copyright notice in order to be protected by copyright law. Absence of such notice does not necessarily assure a right to reproduce.

You agree to indemnify and hold ColorCopiesUSA.com, Mark V Printing LLC and our affiliates, officers, business partners, agents or employees harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of content you submit or transmit through Our Website.

Cancellation and Correction Fee Policies

Cancellations of printed job orders: Our Client may cancel your order as long as our creative, service or production department has not started work on your project. Once our team has started to produce the order Our Client has no right to ask for a cancellation or refund under any circumstances. Orders for printed goods, placed through our online ordering system and paid in full are instantaneously moved to our production queue making it unlikely that the order could be cancelled. Should Our Client wish to cancel their order, the client should send an email to mycopies@colorcopiesusa.com requesting so and, immediately, call us at 1-877-421-0668 during regular business hours. None of those actions guarantees that the order will still be at a stage that can still be cancelled though.

When a proof is requested by Our Client, if the Client finds problems with the proof, and if the files have been submitted by the client, we will accept one instance free of charge where Our Company will accept replacement files at no charge. Further replacements of files or documents might carry setup charges to be discussed with the client.

If the proofs that Our Client requests have been created specifically for Our Client who ordered those for any products or services such as graphic or video or web work solicited by the client, there will be up to 2 instances of corrections accepted before additional creative fees are assessed. A formal request for acceptance of additional charges will be made either by phone or email.

Cancellation of Creative Work: When Our Client hires us for creative work, he/she should submit full copy, images and other specifics related to the project. Should that not happen, additional fees will be necessary, and Our Company will not take responsibility for errors in the copy or graphics. Should Our Company have started work on project and Our Client decided to cancel de project once production has started, Our Company wil assess the state of the project and charge accordingly. Minimum charge is for one hour of creative service rated at $175.00 per hour (One hundred and seventy five dollars per hour)

Additional Fees: Corrections and/or design work may be subject to additional fees. Of course, there is never a charge for any corrections needed as a result of any errors we introduced in preparing your proof.

Terms and conditions

Our company produces goods and services on demand, meaning that all of them are custom produced.

About Production and Turnaround Times

Payment in full is necessary before any step of the production of the goods or services is initiated, unless other conditions have been mutually agreed to.

Production Turnaround: The production time starts after payment has been made in full, and after proofs have been accepted by Our Client with a release to production authorization. Orders placed through our online automated system will not generate proofs unless specifically requested by Our Client. Our Client is responsible of providing the proper and approved artwork.

Production time for services start to count after Our Client has provided with all of the project specific information required to produce it, such as but not limited to copy, images, references, etc.

Returns and refunds

All of the work that Our Company produces is custom-made entirely to your specifications, therefore ColorCopiesUSA.com won’t accept returns of printing jobs in exchange for a full or partial refund for convenience/personal/business reasons. Jobs that involve creative work cannot be returned at all. or a repair of the printing service or service provided. When a client files a complaint for a printed product that Our Company provided, Our Company will make the determination on whether or not the complaint is reasonable and justifiable. Our Company will decide based on the facts if the complaint will be accepted. Should the complaint be considered valid, Our Company will determine in that case if it will reprint a job or issue a refund. The quality of the artwork submitted has a big impact on the final results, therefore every single part of the order has to be evaluated.

In case of acknowledged and verify damaged or lost orders by FEDEX or UPS, Our Company will reprint those orders.

In case of a claim, we reserve the right to have you return the original order, at our cost, before reprinting or refunding your order.

We won't take complaints or claims past 10 (ten) days from job pick up or shipping delivery

Intellectual Property

When our company is hired to produce artwork or video or websites or any other form of digital output, Our Client is entitled to the final product or service that Our Company has been hired to provide. Unless there is a previous written agreement as of the terms under which Our Company will provide to Our Client the source files used in the creative process, source files, images nor any block of items used during the creative phase will be released as part of the delivery of the job. The delivery will be limited to the final piece ordered. ColorCopiesUSA.com remains the owner of the creative piece unless a specific agreement in writing has been reached.

Limited Responsibility

Our Company is responsible exclusively for the service/print job ordered. We are not responsible in any way or form for any damages or claims or expenses incurred by you (the buyer) or your business caused by receiving printed materials or services which are defective or incomplete or which you receive later than the estimated delivery date when the delivery service is handled by a third party courier, or if the goods or services do not comply to your expectations.

Color Guarantee

Our Company’s published pricing options do not have any sort of color matching expectation. Our Company will not guarantee that a certain printed finished piece will look exactly or close to a previous run by our or other company, nor can it be compared to what you have seen come out of your office/home/store ink jet or laser printer or computer monitor or any other professional printing provider. Different printing companies can produce with their equipment printed output that vary significantly one from another, therefore the client cannot expect color matches of any kind. Our Company follows the best practices in the industry. We keep our production workflow and equipment calibrated and in good shape at all times.

Comparisons of a printed piece to digital versions as viewed on computer monitors, tablets or smart phones are not relevant and will not be accepted as an expected results by the client. Color matching service: Jobs that require color matching must be ordered as custom orders and will be custom priced accordingly.


Our Company reserves the right to provide or refuse service to any customer without any further justification. Prices may vary without notice.

Privacy Policy and Credit Card Information

All data and information that Our Company collects for order processing such as names, email addresses, is kept safe for our own internal use. We never share the information nor rent the lists with any other company and is exclusively used within our organization. Prospects and visitors to the website can subscribe to newsletters and sign up to receive offers or other communications. Our Company will use this information to provide news, extend special offers or send invitations to participate in customer surveys or to provide testimonials. Credit Card information is only used to pay bills. Our payment engine utilizes server security technology.

Limitation of Liability

Our Company won’t be liable for any damages that incidentally or consequentially arise from the use of our printing, signage intellectual, mailing services nor any other product or service that we would offer. On occasions we use third party vendors especially for use of mailing lists. In no way Our Company acquires ownership or rights to further use of lists.

Taxes, Duties and Custom Fees

The client (buyer) is responsible for any applicable taxes, custom fees or duties that could be assessed by the shipping carrier, national or local governments. When the products ship out or US, foreign governments might impose the need to pay fees or customs or taxes, all of which are never paid upfront by Our Company. The responsibility lies on the buyer.

Property Rights

All of our websites www.colorcopiesusa.com, www.colorprinting.colorcopiesusa.com, www.m5p.net are the property of “ColorCopiesUSA.com”. Permission is granted to download and use content on our site for private use, non-commercial use but no alterations can be made. You won’t acquire ownership rights for downloaded materials from our Site. For further questions about the use of content, including our logo, please contact us at info@colorcopiesusa.com or call 1-877- 421-0668

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