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Print marketing is a core component in today's marketing mix. Printed marketing materials has a wide range of uses like brochures, color posters and more.

Color Copy Printing With Personalized Information: Postcards

The Ultimate Color Copy Buying Experience Where Color Copies, Booklets, Newsletters and Direct Mailing. Better Than You Expect.

More Video reports from the floor of the trade show PRINT09

Color Printing Personalized Marketing Pieces

Color Copies USA shows how postcards can be personalized and printed in a single printing step. Color Copies USA reports from PRINT09, the largest US trade show for the printing, large format printing, mailing and marketing

This video presentation will introduce you to personalized color printing to produce Hallmark cards. In a single printing step you are able to print Hallmark cards that are unique and already have a personalized message. That layer of personalization can come from a list or can be made personalized utilizing some logic: Example: Since Mr. Smith owns a car, he probably knows how to drive

Sending this personalized cards out will result in a more interested audience which in turn will increase the rates of response, making these Hallmark cards a great marketing tool

Please enjoy this exclusive presentation.

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