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Sending Newsletters? Make them Professional

Tips/Advice: Newletters

When it comes to making color copies, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid. This is especially true if printing newsletters in house and not using a printing company for this. Producing the newsletter can significantly save money, but if it is not done well, customers may find the job to be one that is unprofessional and can actually negatively affect customer loyalty and support.

The first tip is to keep the formatting and colors simple. When producing a newsletter on the computer, it is best to use basic colors and fonts. These simple colors will translate the best when printed. If using uncommon colors, these may show up on the paper as a totally different shade or hue.

The message needs to be simple and pertinent to the customer. If there is a lot of extra text, images, and pictures, the reader can get quickly bored with the information. They need to believe the information is relevant and they do not want to weed through a lot of text to get to the point.

It is usually best to avoid wild designs and bright colors. It is desirable to be able to reach the widest variety of people. This will sometimes mean that paper color and picture choice should be conservative. The only time that it is acceptable to go outside of this is when the marketing piece is targeted and the audience is well known.

With some common sense and patience, it is quite easy to produce a professional looking color brochure in house.

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