Digital Media and Storage

When color copies for digital media are needed, many customers have the task of converting information through several mediums and intermediary stages to make it happen.

This is not always possible with DVDs because of their storage capacity compared to other storage devices; DVDs often contain video frames and other formatting including printed text. The most efficient way to transport a still frame from a video DVD to a PDF file is to take a screen shot of the DVD followed by a copy and paste to the PDF editor. If the DVD movie incorporates text, you can use the same copy and paste method to capture these frames. Due to protective features of video encoding, screen capture images often have random blurs. The blurs can be addressed by advancing to the next video or key frame where the image can be collected.

Color copy and printing produce attractive, eye-catching marketing materials. Unfortunately, just as in the case of DVD duplication, if you are not fully knowledgeable of the process, mistakes can easily be made and cause the document to appear faded and unprofessional. It would be wise to familiarize yourself with the concept of basic color theory to have a better understanding of the process. Additionally, you should take the necessary time to become clear about your printing needs. It is advised that color be used sparingly for marketing materials. A clean white background with splashes of color can be much for visually appealing than a page of full color. An overwhelming display of color could cause the document to look cluttered and as a result, the marketing message may be lost.

Copies of DVDs and marketing materials are only a few of your options with Color Copies USA. You can create beautiful copies of a wide variety of materials to give away to clients as well as friends and family. We are a full-service color printing company that offers graphic design services and direct mail of materials and copies. Our team is dedicated to help you make the most out of every project.

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