Calendar Printing - Business Calendars

The Calendars can be fun and keep people in touch with you and with your business

Why do your friends and family love to print personalized calendars every year?

What do companies see in calendars that keeps them producing them every season?

Calendars get your name, your shared memories and brand 365 days per year.

  • Business calendars are usually well appreciated, especially if they are clear, appealing and have the room to take notes. All companies benefit from well-designed calendars.

  • Types and styles of calendars:
    Daily/Box Calendars: used for children, contemporary art and humour
    Desk Calendards
    Planner/Pocket Calendars
    Poster Calendars
    Wall Calendars
    Retail Calendars
    Product Calendars

    Calendars come in different formats and shapes and they can all be used to help promote your company in your marketing campaigns.
  • What do we mean by a well designed Business Calendar?
    We think that the printed calendar should remind your client the your company behind the piece, but in a very subtle way. "Pushing" products or services on the pages on the calendar might not be attractive, but nice images that somehow connect to the business environment might result both in higher levels of appreciation and more extensive use.
    Graphic Design: Which designs would you like hanging on your walls or drawers? Most people might feel in the same as you might about "excesive" or pushy advertising..
    There are so many exquisite techniques. Embossing, die cutting, building pockets are just some of the tools available at the time of designing a calendar.

    There is an organization, the Calendar Marketing Association, that measures the quality and effectiveness of calendars. They take entries to judge and determine what the best world calendar is. Their judgment includes a large number of categories.

  • Information that you can consider including in the Calendar:
    National holidays, industry event dates such as trade shows, seminars, local community events and other international relevant information will make your calendar very useful.
    Local: There are walks to support certain causes such as fight against breast cancer, bone marrow transplants, etc that you might want to include as well.

    Trainings: If you can determine ahead of time which training webminars your organization will be presenting during the next calendar year that is very important to mention. Ask your team members which events they consider important for them and for their closest relationships. Those identified events, if listed, will be probably be very relevant to your clients.

    Linking: You might want to consider linking the information posted on your calendar to web pages. A simple and effective way of doing that is by creating custom QR (Quick Response) codes and allowing people to scan them with their smart phones.

  • This is the best way to show and give meaning to the information displayed on the calendar:
    Using color coding is a great way of helping people find what they need faster. As an example, a green color bar could be used to represent local events, while marketing and trade shows could be associated with a light blue color.

  • There are industries that significantly benefit from calendar marketing:
    Services such as Insurance Companies, and Law firms,
    Technical and manufacturing such as Mechanics and auto repair shops.

  • Our team of graphic designers will be able to create stunning pieces for your organization. Just call us and let us get it done for you.

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